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Kashmiri boys vs A para’s sister

A young boy from kashmir willing to join the army, he opted for army recruitment rally and got selected for one of the most exciting work place in the India, he served few months and than choose SF as his next destination, he signed for probation and after clearing it along with para course at PTS Agra, his unit deployed him in his birth place, the mecca for SF operatives who want increase their scores, he returned home in the uniform and with the thing which the anti-nationalist feared the most “The Maroon Beret”

In kashmir your house can be identify in different way under two conditions if you are militant or any security forces personnel, now his house is recognized as one of the savior of the valley, he was quite worry about his family member until his friends from his unit calm him down and promised to help him in any situation and swore to protect his family, he has a beautiful sister, a young fair kashmiri girl whom he worry about most but his buddies assure him that they will handle anything together, because of his frank and friendly behavior he made a lot of friends and when you have  a lot of friends in Special Forces of India you need not have to worry about anything.

After sometime the things started taking place by which our newbie operative feared the most, some kashmiris boys started following her sister and passing awful comment on her for his brother, she instantly reported it to his brother, but now she is the sister of some of the most dangerous men on this planet hence the molesters have to pay the price.

Generally army camps are located a bit outside of the civilians residence, other than regular patrol the village have visitors today, visitors from SOF they calm down the girl and tell her to follow her daily routine, she did the same and when she was going to get some woods in forests the predators were also with her at a specific distance to grab those bastards, 5-6 young kashmiri boys appeared from nowhere and the show started the girl shouted and gave the confirmation, 4 operatives in pure kashmiri disguise surround them and the young lads didn’t take a single second to understand who are they, the girl left the woods and nobody know what happen in the jungle.

They are marcos, the pic is just to give you an idea about how SF dressed in kashmir

After that incident they didnt bother his sister and our kashmiri operative thanked his friends for taking this step for him, at the last once again friendship restored, humanity restored, peace restored and lesson taught by Indian Para SF.

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