Indian Army was struggling with their firearms since a long time, we were using vintage world war 2 firearms, during Sri-Lankan peace-keeping mission in 1987 when Indian Army’s Paratroopers get their hands on Russian AK’s for the first time while they were using vintage SLR’s.

Indian troops with SLR’s from 57 Infantry division getting off for Sri Lanka

SLR is indeed a very heavy accurate rifle, SLR is quite heavy and consider at battle rifle. See its always good to have bigger and powerful guns in fight but when your adversaries are getting guns of next level and that’s why LTTE dominated the firefights in Sri-Lanka.


Para’s with SLR’s in Sri Lanka



How they can dominate fight, we were the elite Indian Army. No we weren’t that elite that much but that mission is surely gonna change the perspective of Indian Army towards jungle warfare, urban warfare, intelligence warfare and war on foreign soil.We suffered many casualties there due to some political reason and lack of intelligence or foul intelligence.

Credits – Bharat Rakshak

In all the chaos Indian Army learn the significance of weapons cause our enemies got some really badass weapons in bulk + home advantage + Insane jungle warfare skills + our inexperienced operators ( we hadn’t seen a bigger conflict since a long time that time).

LTTE Officers with AK’s, M16A1 with M203 and M3 grease gun

This is the time of 1987, none of the army in the whole South Asia have such weapon system but a rebel group in Sri Lanka had those in well numbers. Sometimes Indian Army stand stun after a firefight by looking their enemy’s weapon they are generation ahead in true sense than our boys. Ironically Indian Army got its first AK through LTTE, they captured the AK’s of the dead LTTE combatants and by that time AK’s become the mainstay of Indian Army.

LTTE recruited children fighters, even their childrens had better weapons than India’s Special Forces

After countering LTTE, Indian Army engaged in Kashmir insurgency which suddenly erupted due to end of Soviet war in Afghanistan, that’s why Pakistan diverted their mujahideen bastards toward Kashmir and Kashmir literally burns for year until Indian Army made it stable.

Thats the beginning of AK’s legacy in India, i will cover its evolution in next article, stay tune and write down your reviews.