It has been a subject of concern for the people of India who follow Indian Armed Forces and their activities throughout the calendar of operations, in operations I would like to involve only the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operation of Indian Army to be specific about the agenda of the blog post.

A 31 feet giant T-90 Bhishma a heavily armored tank can be destroyed by small 43 inch ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile), which doesn’t have big enough in size and warhead to destroy a tank but the ATGM is small hence it can concentrate its whole energy at one point to leave a heavy impact on the tank just like the tip of the spear cut through the deterrent of the shield, this is the same concept on which Special Forces work they act as tip of the spear for the enemy by making themselves small (6-8 men team) and creating havoc by surprise and coordinated attacks.T-90S

Effective Evaluations and comparison can add more teeth to any special operation unit but comparing their roles and apparel by neglecting their choice and working condition is either be considered as immature or non-considerable. People nowadays are getting very cautious towards armed forces dressing and gearing style and they often compare them with some other nation’s SF which have different ways of doing work, different environmental condition and even different kind of enemy.

It’s pretty common to see western SF chaps having photoshoot between operations and those pics are getting viral showcasing how badass they are, there is absolutely no doubt they are good but that doesn’t make the others who take the standard army protocols very seriously dumb or not badass they might just don’t want to showcase anything and it’s completely their choice.

That’s how they present the SOF unit in the advertisement.

Image source – On the pic

and that’s how they actually look in the combat field. 


 The comparison seems very lame because Photoshoot for advertisement is other thing and real battlefield scenario is a whole different situation but the most interesting thing which should come into the consideration of the people is almost every SF unit looks same in the operation.

You can find similarities in the attire of every SF around the globe while they are on Spec Op cause they do not do operations at decided time and place SOF operators have to work anytime, anywhere against anyone. Indian SOF units don’t believe in fancy photoshoots some of the pics are available on the Internet to showcase their way of dressing in the hostile area:


Operatives of Para SF saying cheese after slaying some guest


Ghatak Platoon gearing up for operation in Gurdaspur


Classic image of Para SF disguised as terrorist in Kashmir

You can feel the difference, the game of deception has been taken to the new level by Indians because they share similar physique and appearance with their enemies, there are some things which are common between all the SF around the world and those are types of gears an operative carry, the list is very short which includes Plate Carriers, Primary Weapon, Sidearm, Backpack (with all essential stuff like food and other stuff) and communication setup.