Note: Every information written here is genuine and shared with the consent of the operatives of respective units.

It was a fine morning in the camp of 32 Rashtriya Rifles somewhere  in Shalkot in Handwara sector in northern Kashmir, some soldiers were chilling, some were enjoying the tea and some were cleaning their rifles, interestingly this camp have Ghatak Operatives and 32 RR belongs to Gorkha Rifles and these Ghatak Gorkhas are commanded by a Young Sikh Captain, two most ferocious and brave race of India fighting and operating together from this camp must be a nightmare for terrorists, Ghatak’s who are nowadays respond as QRT to any duty call, this camp is very interesting and very beautiful complimented by the fine greenery of Kashmir valley.

Indian Army’s camp are very well managed, they have bunkers made of mud and soil bricks which keep the soldiers warm in winter and cool in summers, these bunkers provide better protection from small arms fire and if properly built than they can sustain 84mm mortar fire too, such camps have their own kitchens, their own dairy cause they have cows  there and sometimes the dairy products come from Dagger Divisional Camp, transportation can only be possible by mules and horses, There are some areas where roads don’t exist though off-roading is everyday job for Indian Army but you can go at some place only by foot that’s why Indian Army use mules and horses as their mainstay in supplying ration and ammunition to such camps.

That day was just like other day, soldiers were kit up for battle from the moment they woke up, the sleep, eat, bath and even shit with their rifles and BPJ nearby, Captain of Ghatak platoon was playing volleyball with some of his jawans and after sometimes the sentry on the gate started shouting and everybody heard gunshots on the gate, one of the Gorkha run towards gate waving his Khukri in his hand, totally unprotected and uncovered his buddy joined him in midway everyone was trying to understand what is happening here, is it a militant attack ? but sentry made it clear when he told everyone that the supply horses were attacked by a leopard and he missed to shoot the leopard, the captain of the ghatak platoon rushed in the rooms, grabbed the LMG and run towards forest where the Gorkhas rushed in, Captain entered the forest aiming his LMG in full alertness and after couple of meters he saw those Gorkhas and blood all over their bodies, he was worried for a while and was about to shout for medics but then he saw a leopard laying between both of them and then the innocent smiles of Gorkhas after countering a leopard bare-handed.


Just another day in Indian Army, where you can be anything a cook, a volleyball player, a savior or a hunter.