This post is dedicated to those 18 Dogra Jawans who laid their lives while on national duty, sit rep of this article, What they did during the iconic Myanmar raid.

On 4 June we lost 18 jawans of Dogra regiment in Chandel district of Manipur, this was one of the biggest attacks on Indian Army after Kargil war and the nation stormed the social media demanding answers.

On the night of 11 June 2015, 21 Para SF finally strap their boots to avenge the death of their brothers, every move of the operation was planned and every operative knows what to do though the limit of killing those bastards have no restriction.Special Forces was moving swiftly into the dense forest and unexpected surprises are always fun part of special operations, while moving towards target site they were welcomed by local hunters who were out for some fun paras were not carrying any morphine to settle them down thats why they tied them with whatever they got that time, after counter first surprise they headed for the camp.

According to SF mentality the operation had a green go after such casualties on our side whether New Delhi approve it or not, some bastards had to be butchered by SOF. The worst part or you can say the best part of any special operation across the globe is first thing which will go 200% is the communication thats why to minimize the chances of any such scenario Indian Army opted its very reliable and tested tactic “Low Balance Trick” what you do when you dont have enough balance to call someone, you give them a missed call, SF used to throw certain amount of missed call a certain time of interval to pass the secret code because radio sets aren’t that good while it come to secrecy, enemy can penetrate your comms.

Final Party 

Another best part of Indians is that they wont let you bother to know what hit you, paras reached the camp at around 6:30 pm, everyone was excited to blaze their guns and shout “surprise motherfuckers” all the militants were in one place taking their breakfast, poor bitches were roasted with their toasts, and they opened fire, dhoooopp !! RL round thrashing window glass of the hall explodes in hall killed half of them, operatives coming out from everywhere firing like hell on every moving body there destroyed the camps in minutes and followed the clear instructions do not stay there for too after strike.

They come, there kill, they disappear like they were never there 🙂

After the strike Military recon teams and Intelligencies confirmed that around 5 trucks full of dead bodies were spotted leaving the encounter site.