Covert cross-border operations for Indian special forces in Pakistani territory is like a walk in the park, it’s not surprising to have a cross-border operation nowadays cause our special forces are doing it since decades but sometimes ago these crackheads and die-hard patriots cross every limit, the story will give you goosebumps.

Note: The information is very old doesn’t have any solid worth due to the secret nature of the organization and lack of sources which confirm the things mentioned below.

We all know that 9 Para SF aka The Pirates have their base in Udhampur but very few knows that for some time their base was shifted to Agra but now they are moved back to Udhampur but why one of the most senior SF unit got such treatment by Indian Army? Now the real story starts.

A team of 10-14 operatives mixed with officers and jawans disguised in terrorist outfit and when they want to look like terrorist even the men of their company can’t identify them, very few people know about this operation like CO and some others officers of 9 para sf, they went in exile for more than a year after few months when the unit got busy in the operations in the valley and many of the people in the unit forgot about them except those who were closely related to the people gone ghost, everybody forget about them because there was zero communication due to extreme covertness.


The job for which they gone behind the enemy lines is still a deep secret but after a year of disappearance an encrypted message was transmitted asking them to come back, operatives followed the order and started their journey through the rugged hill of Kashmir. They crossed the line of control (LOC) they were just entering the territory that another team mixed of SF and SG abducted them, well if you are abducted by Indian SF than it is one of the worst things which can happen to you but these 14 men knew how the SF operates, so this team played a clever card and insist the SF to just arrest them and not kill them and they succeed to convince the SF unit to arrest them surprisingly.

The unified secured SF channel broadcasted the message that 14 odd looking and weird behaving terrorist arrested and everyone came in action at base, they were bought to the base and officers started interrogating them but they didn’t give them shit, after sometime another very confidential message transmitted to the base where they were held from Udhampur HQ, when the CO and his team of the base received the message everyone present in the base shocked SG,SF and colonel went in the room where all the so called terrorist were kept, SG locked the room and asked the secret code, the officer of the ghost unit smiled and gave the secret code every person in the room banged their heads cause they were the freaking pirates.

When the GOC of Northern Command came to know about this he got furious and moved 9 para back to Agra, that was their professionalism they didn’t risk the mission, the name of their paltan without taking any regard of their life even after being back to their country.