Captain Saurabh Kalia joined the 4 Jat regiment (Infantry) after passing out from IMA in January 1999, Saurabh was the first officer who spotted several foreign intruders in the country’s territory.


On 15 May 1999 Lt Saurabh Kalia and five other soldiers – Sepoys Arjun Ram, Bhanwar Lal Bagaria, Bhika Ram, Moola Ram and Naresh Singh of the 4 Jat Regiment had gone for a routine patrol of the Bajrang Post in the Kaksar sector in the rugged, treeless Ladakh mountains. After a continuous cross fire with Pakistan armed forces from across the LOC, he and his troops ran out of ammunition. They were finally encircled by a platoon of Pakistani rangers and captured alive before Indian reinforcements could reach them. No trace of the patrol was left, meanwhile Radio Skardu of Pakistan announced that Captain Saurabh Kalia had been captured by Pakistani troops.

During 15 May to 7 June Captain Saurabh was facing heavy and very inhuman torture by Pakistani side, when the body was returned Indian Army seen body of a yound officer with punctured eyes before removing them, breaking most of their teeth and bones, fracturing their skulls, cutting the lips, chipping of nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of the soldiers, and finally shooting them dead, as evidenced by bullet wounds to the temple. The post-mortem also confirmed the injuries were inflicted ante-mortem (before death), Pakistani soldiers proudly recall the incident on camera several times with bullshit claims that Kalia crossed the border.

Post mortem report of Captain Kalia

You know we Indian dont wanna fight with anyone, we love peace we haven’t started a single war it  was always other but whenever anyone call for a war we have given them those they can’t sustain, after such gesture of Pakistani Army and Mujahideens with Indian Soldiers our guys were not going to sitting duck and those incident even after Kargil kicked off a vicious manhunt by the special forces and infantry of Indian Army, Pakistani started the beheading game and our guys took it the whole new level by beheading almost every goatfucker head untill the blood sample technique implemented as a tool of identification.

After Kalia Indian Army started giving strong messages through bullets and blood to the adversaries that if anyone from us get hurt be ready to bear its consequences cause it will never be an eye for an eye it will be atleast 10 heads for an eye, after Kalia’s incident when apology was expected but stubborn attitude was received by pakistani side than the crack heads planned something nasty one of the incident came into light when it was reported that 5 operative from 1 SF & 3 SF and 3 operative from 10SF paid a visit to a Pakistani outpost and eliminate 22 personnel, it was a surprise attack and they left a message on the wall with blood of the dead

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The ghost operatives gave a strong message in hind with blood which says

“Hum hai shikari,dushman hai shikar, Hinsa ke hum malik, Tum kirayedar”

In English it means “We are the predators, you are the prey, we own the violence, you are just tenant”

This is the first time in Indian Special Forces history that such incident was photographed and into public and this incident is the proof what Indian Special Forces are capable of and what they can do with you if you harm their dear ones.