Every wonder why any operative of special forces have to say they work as guards of HQ or sentry in ammunition depot ? Families who have their members in fauj must have that question and they must lived that question when their sons, brothers fathers and uncles leave homes with the same job profile but when they came back they have two inches of beard and almost shoulder touching hairs they must ask themselves that if the jobs of their loved ones is so simple than why they came back with such attire army dont allow such perks.

Grown up beards and long hairs is the first identify of Special people in the army, they are known as Special Forces and these beards and hair help them to work undercover and get mixup in the environment as civilians, now about that question of not telling where they are actually doing should be secret, as the special forces says “let them keep guessing” but the reason behind this Secrecy is all i have to tell you.

The reason i am gonna write have no credibility and authenticity, i was told that by ex-Special Forces officer operatives so do not consider it official,

After kargil when the insurgency again reaches at high level in Kashmir army deployed huge amount of special forces in the valley, the choice of SF was a simple decision cause they know how to blend in environment and work in covertness, Special forces achieved massive success in eliminating terrorist and the adversary intelligence service wasn’t liking it thats why they start doing what the middle eastern’s is doing to americans after the invasions they satrt killing our veteran operatives, many army veterans found dead in very suspicious conditions though it didn’t get much media attention but it was happening, the killings are observed more concentrated on ex-SF operatives cause they had hit the neighbors very hard in their serving period.

Army understood it and evolve its mistake into an effective tool and now army didn’t disclose the exact deployment location of any Special Force operative to secure its operations and the operative life at some extent too, so next time when he says he is in Mhow studying in war college he may be deep inside Haji pir, inside POK sipping chai, inside mayanmar playing with small children or may be in syria but dont worry he will be fine some of the toughest people have his six.