In armed forces people from hilly areas are known as “Pahari’s” but thats not the only identity they have, they are also consider as one of the most brave and hardworking people, no one can question their patriotism they dont think twice to laid down their lives for the tri-colour​.
It can only be eternal love for the motherland and sheer patriotism that just a 32 year man who was a husband, a son, a brother and a father of 2 very sweet children jumped in to eliminate the threat came to destroy the peace of the nation, yes the pompore encounter encounter was tough beyond the capabilities of other units of Indian Armed thats why the brave men called the bravest and 9 para special forces showed up who will have a bad day, they got the briefing and get ready for the mission with some basic yet the logical questions in mind like “are we coming back ?, cause we have no intel, no fire support and may be we are going into a deadly ambush” but thats what make them stand apart from others they are motivated to hell.

L/Nk OP, was one of the best point man( the guy leading the six man file) the SF community had seen or for that matter the SG community had seen(it wasn’t in his official statement but OP did serve with SG for sometime before going back to 9 Para SF). 

When you walk in a file of six men, you always have to be alert and in that file, the officer is supposed to be on 3rd position but when L/NK OP lead, the officers always stood just behind him,i.e.,on second position. It is said that if OP lead the file, you could just hang your weapon on your shoulders during patrol instead of carrying it in alert mode. Yeah, that’s how good L/Nk OP was.

The void created by his martyrdom can never be filled and the SF community will always feel the loss of such an amazing man who was always ready to kill and get killed for his officer and buddy without any questions.
RIP sir. The SF will always miss you and the nation will always mourn your death. Thank you for everything you did for us.