After serious attack warnings on Armed Forces of intelligence agencies everybody was on alert and the incident with SP of Pathankot sealed it with clear threat possibilities. As intelligence warned IAF assets were secured and Garuds were called in to secure the air force perimeter.

Wait you must be asking that in such important establishment like Pathankot Air Force Base there was no SF personnel present on that time ??

Actually IAF Garuds also serve in chattisgarh in maoist infected areas, they are serving in operations and also providing security to IAF assets deployed in those areas cause the best need to be around in such areas thats why pathankot was left unsupervised and a new team was called in to secure the perimeter. Corporal Shailabh Gaur with Corporal Gursevak Singh were senior faces in the team they arrived at Pathankot AFB on 1st January at 2000 hours. These bravehearts didn’t take any rest and divided their teams and started patrolling the huge campus. 

Information of movement on boundary walls clicked in, Garud swiftly moved towards the wall but found nothing, to ensure full security they checked the same spot 2-3 time that night but an IAF chopper flying regular sorties trace suspicious activity on the same spot with its thermal imagers and heat seakers, Gaurds rushed to the site this time the call was made by chopper means something must be there, Garuds put their game face on and started sanitizing the area using their fine room intervention skills searching the area but got nothing, but there was non concreted narrow road going towards some bushes Corporal Shailabh Gaur and Corporal Gursevak Singh who are best buddies were taking point followed by rest of the team.

Garuds were armed to teeth with modern assault riffles to NVG’s but while searching the areas Garuds find trails of trespassing they follow the lead and suddenly shots fired from bushes, Gursevak was hit and fall on ground like a dead man Shailabh returned fire with his Tavor in full automatic mode but the kind of heavy fire terrorist were inflicting make Shailabh stay in cover, the teammates already requested backup from HQ.

CPL Shailabh seen movement in Gurusevak he try to pull him in cover but got hit by a burst of ak, he was down with 4 bullets and a grenade splinter though such serious injuries he was firing and giving support to his team NSG and Garuds backed up his team and after 3 hour in ferocious firefight and loosing about 3 litres of blood CPL Shailabh got medical attention and he was operated at 0700 hours of 2nd January, Later NSG and Garuds eliminated all militants and CPL Shailabh Gaur celebrated the mission completion news in ICU with wet eyes of loosing his best buddy.

CPL Shailabh said Gursevak a friend was a true khalsa and a true warrior who fought for our motherland bravely and sacrificed himself, we proud of him.

India lost 7 bravehearts in these attacks 5 from DSC who have shown unmatchable bravery 1 from Garud and 1 from NSG, their sacrifice can never be forgotten they will always remain immortal in our minds and in our hearts apart from fatal casualties we suffered 20 non fatar casualties in which 8 were from IAF and 12 NSG personnels were injured.
I sincerely thank Shailabh Sir for taking time and talking to me and telling us what they suffered and what they done for the country at last when i ask how you feel today about pathankot he said “I am glad i served my nation and secured those highly precious IAF assets and will do it anytime in future for my motherland” – Fine words by a true patriot.

Jai hind.