We have heard about the heroic deeds of 160th SOAR a.k.a Nightstalkers and UKSF aviation they are known for what they have done in the history, these fame and these stories of extraordinary courage and unmatchable valor are not created overnight. The stories are written by the blood of those bravehearts, I salute them.

India also have history regarding the crack minded aviatiors in the armed forces, Indian counterpart of Nightstalkers and UKSF aviation are know as Army Aviation Corps which is a multi-utility wing of Indian Army and also one of the most important one, but there is an unit in this wing who put on their aviatiors and move their sticks for special purpose to insert and extract special people in the most dangerous environment.


Helicopter Unit – 202 a.k.a The Souring Gideons, birds of this unit can be seen with spreaded wings near Srinagar, the squadron is the part of Indian Army’s rapid modernization phase of its choppers wing and the 202 which is the part of 5 modern helicopter unit is the second helicopter unit which is raised with home made Advance Light Helicopters (ALH) also know as Dhruv.


What’s so special in HU-202 ?

Helicopter Unit 202 is special because it is the first squadron of Indian Army Aviation Corps to attain the deployment with night fighting capabilities on 18 September 2009  which added more teeths to the goddamn powerful 15 corps, 202 created history here which is followed by HU-201 in march 2010, now Indian Army have dedicated and specialized squadrons of highly advance helicopters and one of the most skilled people in the cockpit to execute some of the most daring job in the army, but the interesting thing is the pilots who fly these mean machines were actually army officers or soldiers who have served in army as foot soldiers which give them an upper hand to understand the circumstances a normal soldiers have to face while operating with this beasts. Army is more clever than you think, and more potent than you expect.


It is pertinent that to harness such a multitude of potent force multiplier there is a need to put in place an effective and responsive command and control structure with adequate flexibility to accept attachment/detachments during various phases of battle. Towards this end, raising of corps aviation brigades is envisaged. As a first step, Corps Aviation Base for 14 corps has been raised at Leh.One nearing completion of 25 glorious years on November 1, 2011, the Army Aviation Corps is riding the crest of the revolution in military affairs. Without doubt this is the arm of the future, one whose potential is now only being realised and exploited

202 and the special forces…

There are two name everyone posses one which is their name and the one which you earn by your works and your deeds, The Soaring Gideons earned their name by their performance in the most challenging battle environment of the country whether it is flying like kissing the ground or to the risky heights of siachien they have proved their mettle everywhere but one task in which many brave aviators have lost their lifes across the world to insert special operators in the hostile area cause you can be targeted by anything, from anywhere and when it is too close you dont have time to run, but these dudes have done the job effectively their operations are classified but you can feel them around like the raid of 29/09 where the SF is para dropped behind the enemy lines it must be 202’s job.


There are many operation which are classified but some who are in the public, we can trace their role in it generally these people work with extreme coordination of some of the most advance equipments of Indian Army like UAV squadrons, surveillance equipments, hacking tools to gather information of potential threat and insert recon teams of special forces operators to eliminate the threat, they proved themselves as true force multiplier in the army.


Jai hind.