9 Para Special Forces, the first Special Forces battalion of Indian Armed Forces who had established its name by unlimited heroic deeds. Deeds which seems impossible to Indian Military before and tactics used which violate every traditional and conventional form of combat in the armed forces. No one had ever seen such type of performance by any unit of Indian Army.

9 para SF which has seen action as a commando battalion have many stories to tell you from the very first day of the formation. They start fighting with the enemies of India but they remain silent and that silence added more teeth to their armory, they were called as Ghost Operators of Indian Army. The reputation of 9 Para can be felt in today’s time and they are getting much-needed and deserved appreciation and respect all thanks to social media.

9 Para SF has lost many operatives to ensure the safety of the nation, they all cannot be listed here you may not aware of many of them but recently they lost Lance naik Mohan Goswami, Lance Naik Om Prakash and Captain Tushar Mahajan who got ears and eyes of the nation through social media.

Now the real question is why 9 para sf is so secretive ??

9 Para SF the whole battalion work as an independent organization, if we evaluate their operations and toys they have hands on they can get anything they want in their operation. From counter terrorist to counter infiltration, they work as India’s premier response to any hostile activity sponsored by so-called neighbors. They have hands on state of the art surveillance equipments, they have mastered their skills in encryptology and decryptology. They have formed a security bubble which is backed with most dangerous and covert special force unit of India with unmatchable tech support. They created a wide and rigid web of networks of digital as well as humans sources to get the pin point accurate intelligence.

There are rumors that 9 Para have their own army of geeks that can establish their own Institute for Ethical Hacking and other cyber security glitches optimizations.

It means 9 Para SF have a dedicated unit within their unit which highly qualifies and capable of performing cyber surveillance and espionage.

The above statement is not just a fanboy claim but they have proved it recently in the raid against Pok, THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE INFORMATION IS NEGLIGIBLE  but it is believed that Pakistani An/TPS-77 and its whole network centeric operation center was hacked by Indians, i personally believe that this could be the job of those handsome looking soldiers sitting in Divisional Headquarters with a maroon on their head and Balidan on their chest serving the nation with their best.

Thats why operative and most of the operation secrecy is required because they have do the job which may seem impossible to others and when you ask about it they will simply and smile and say “Who else will do it ?”

Jai hind