On the night of 29 September 2016 Indian Special Forces and Indian Army’s unit cross the LOC to attack the launch pads of Hizbul Mujahideen and jaish-e-mohammad terrorist groups.

In the mid night our boys were inserted through HAHO jumps from Dhruv helicopters, after landing the boys find the per-designated targets pointed by the intelligence.


Special Forces who were in the teams of platoon size that means each team had 15-20 operative and started executing the terrorist with their silenced weapons, it is said that paras teams were mixed with airborne, airborne SF and they got support of Ghatak platoon and infantry of nearest battalion. Special forces killed every jihadi bastard without any casualties on our side, the dying militants seen the butcher side of Indian Special Forces. It was a multi-unit mission cause reports say the largest camp was destroyed by Garuds of IAF and Garuds executed the three handlers of JeM who planned Pathankot attacks, what a revenge planned by Indian Military.

While the SF is carrying out the operation, Ghatak were securing the area by their LMG’s and CGRL after sometimes Ghataks spotted Pakistani trucks with BAT teams and Rangers coming their way though they have them in their sight of CGRL but the trucks didn’t moved forward and gone back.


Ghataks also targeted the nearby posts with the infantry of their respective regiments and faced some retaliation though they killed the Pakistanis with their accurate firing of LMG’s, when the SF leave the encounter sight it was all blood of poor jihadi’s who died sleeping by these ghost of India, before leaving the place they planted booby traps and claymores as they always do for the combing troops of Pakistan who will came to find what happened here and get killed like idiots.

The interesting fact about this operation was our troops are backed with Combat helicopter in case of any emergency but nothing happened the raid was like walk in the park and it was possible by extreme professionalism in shooting and accurate intel at last good job guys, you made the country proud again.


At the time of breakfast the boys were at home enjoying the delicious meal they got after these great job for the humanity.255398_129045527292513_672676807_n

Jai hind