Apart from various capable platform of destruction our country have, it is Brahmos, Su-30mki, INS Vikramaditya or Agni-5 ?? the list which contain some of the best and the most deadliest weapons India have can become a book in no time, but is there any war going on where India can deploy these weapon of mass destruction ?? No, before concluding the mightiest let understand where we are standing or what kind of war fighting in current situation.

Today we aren’t standing on a mine but we are standing in a mine field where any wrong step can tear our body into small pieces, we have to very careful and very deterrent against any odd in our way, in today’s time wars are not fight with missiles and aircrafts or huge vessels but these things are used to cover the war which has already have been fought in which you have either earn the victory or you lost it, their use and way of use tells the rest of the story.

The modern warfare is the warfare of intelligence and execution, today’s warfare is asymmetric warfare, now understand what is asymmetric warfare according to Wikipedia — Asymmetric warfare (or Asymmetric engagement) is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly. This is typically a war between a standing, professional army and an insurgency or resistance movement.

The term is also frequently used to describe what is also called “guerrilla warfare”, “insurgency”, “terrorism”, “counterinsurgency”, and “counter terrorism”, essentially violent conflict between a formal military and an informal, less equipped and supported, undermanned but resilient opponent. Asymmetric warfare is a form of irregular warfare. —

That’s what Wikipedia says about the term which not only fit in our current situation but also describe what kind of war we are fighting, but what kind of weapon in such unconventional warfare can lead us towards victory? The answer lies in the most ancient way of winning the battle even before it get started, penetrate the enemy defence without their acknowledgement take out their secrets, plan accordingly and march for victory.

Espionage play a major role here, if you are capable to set your ears and eyes on the movement of your enemy you are half way near to your victory. Some men who are trained for special purposes in special skills will represent the country, theses men are known as Special force operatives they are trained as ultimate soldiers in various skills and spying is one of them. They are trained as an elite engineers, trained in almost all the aspect of combat from signal cryptography and encryption to firing a howitzer they know every god damn thing.


Enemy can detect a missile, a tank, a plane or a a battalion coming towards them but its very hard to detect a six men team of highly trained personal with awesome camouflage.. they will surprise you by their lighting raids which seem undisciplined but they are magnificently coordinated, these raids will either devastated your place in one blow and dont sit quite when they are gone cause they may have planted some C4 charge to blow rest of your stuff. hbjhkj

You will feel amaze to hear that RAW recruit mostly from Special forces of the army cause they are already well trained and understand the concept of how the agency work, now why they are the deadliest weapon India have first they are one of the toughest people on earth yes they have to pass a phase of their training known as probation which is the toughest training program of Indian and rated among the cruelest in the world.


The post is inspired by my answer on quora.