A pic of Special Group from the SFF Documentary


Indians know how to keep secrets and one of the secret reveal when the existence of SFF came into news and it spread like a forest fire, discussions taken place on social media and all over internet but in between those discussions pictures of soldiers with a badge which anybody have never seen before starts coming out and race amongst defence analyst and defence enthusiasts begin to identify the badge and its unit, the unit recognized as Special Group though of its information came out is negligible cause the force is well hidden till last 4-5 years. From its existence from 1981 to present the only information available is stated below.

SG operative shooting the target when his buddy standing just next to the target.


Special Group which is formed in 1981 as 4 Vikas of Special Frontier Force become a separate operation unit when Indian Army observe the risk of exposure of one of the many secrets of Indian Army, Special group become a separate special operation unit, they were basically created by a colonel of 10 para SF “The Desert Scorpions” under Project Sunray but  unlike SFF who have Tibetans in all over the unit they are all Indians 250 in numbers and in 1983 6 officers of Special Group went to a secret base of Sayeret Matkal at a classified location but some sources said that it was near Tel aviv.

SG personnel in training

The thing is quite strange that why one of the most secret special operation units of the world agreed to train a newly formed unit of other nation which can cause damage to their covert game capabilities, the answer lies in the history when the heroic rescue by Mossad and Israeli Special Forces in Entebbe, Uganda where terrorist hijacked an Air France aircraft, at that it is believed that R&AW helped Mossad to get precise and precious intelligence to base the operation but the involvement of India remain a secret cause that time India don’t want to upset its Arab Allies and in the gratitude of the support provided by India in the operation Entebbe they trained our officers in various counter-terrorist and espionage skills they were trained for 22 days in various counter-terror ops, in different environments.


A screenshot from documentary of SFF, SG operatives with TARS and SCAR-H

Special Group who are also known as The mavericks or 22 Special Forces or Super Para SF is basically a battalion-size force of officers and operatives came on deputation from different battalions Indian Para Special Forces, it is said that some special group operatives were merged with NSG when they formed to give them special operations expertise cause most of the NSG operatives are Central Action Police Force (CAPF) who have none or little knowledge of action. Special Group directly reports to RAW Chief, we can say that they kick doors for RAW and execute them who RAW find a threat to national security. Special group enjoy special privileges whatever they need they get it overnight, they are rich kids of India cause they have access to almost every weapon available in the world market.

Selfie by a Special group operative, arrow pointing towards SG insignia wore by SG operatives

Anyone can write thousands of articles glorifying any particular force but the real respect is earned by the deeds, The mavericks have record of doing the operation which even movie makers cant copy and how can they, their operations are classified as hell but when the unit is exposed, some of their operations, involvements, and operatives got some exposures, some are stated below :

Operation Bluestar : Operation Bluestar which is also known as operation Metal was a daring and stupid decision by military and political leaders, when leaders orders Indian Para Commandos to do impossible raid which have to be carried out without any heavy weapon support, without any armoured support from the main gate of the temple which is heavily guarded by the militants equipped with Kalashnikovs and RPG’s and the worst part is they have to raid the temple in a full moon night when the white marble of the temple give no chance of taking advantage of dark as cover to the commandos, at that time when para commandos were taking heavy casualties mavericks appear, they came with a plan which was not digesting to the officials present their, cause its special operation but it worked and special group got success to thin the résistance and made way for the force to operate further, Mavericks played the part for which they are created for and they had played their role in the most badass manner.

Special Group Officers outside Golden Temple during Operation Bluestar

Mavericks were involved in Operation Meghdoot when Indian Army assisted by SFF volunteers and SG operatives raid Pakistani posts established in the area which was declared no mans land under several agreements between Indian and Pakistani Governments.


Operation CIT-J : – CIT-J was a special operation of the RAW in Punjab against Khalistanis. A group of about 350 SG personnel had helped the police in chasing the terrorists. They also conducted transborder Intelligence and subversive actions. This is not a permanent force. The SG personnel has been absorbed by the parent force, the SFF.In 1997, the former Indian Prime Minister IK Gujral had stopped some operations inside Pakistan and he stopped the SFF from operating near the border.

Lets do it
SG somewhere in Kashmir


Major Udai Singh: Major Udai Singh ,a braveheart maroon and one of the few proofs that Mavericks do exist 🙂

Major Udai served 5 years in 1st para SF than joined the Special Group Aka The Mavericks awarded by Sena Medal and Shaurya chakra, Major Udai Singh martyred on 26th November 2003 while fighting terrorist in the dense forest of Rajouri district of Kashmir and for this unmatchable bravery and courage he was awarded by Shaurya Chakra.

The braveheart Major Udai Singh
Feeding the CO
Maverick Major Udai Singh feeding his CO


Major Amit Deswal : – Maj Amit Deswal was commissioned on 10 Jun 2006 into Regt Of Arty. After his basic service, he recognized that his calling is somewhere more adventurous. He opted for Special Group at first but finally opted and was selected and marooned into the coveted Special Forces.

He joined the elite unit in Jan 2011.He was physically robust which was reflected in his performance at the ‘Ghatak Course, where he secured ‘ Commando Dagger – Best Student’ at 8 years of service.

He got inducted in Manipur for Op Hifazat II in Jan 2016. After relentless hard work combined with a superior tactical acumen, the officer homed on to eliminate the leadership of NSCN K and ZNF cadres. With his Cdo spirit at the helm he followed them and in an ensuing gunfight on 13 April 2016, he sustained two GSW in the stomach. Despite grievously injured the offer shot down the top militant Cadres at last Light in Tamenglong District. The Braveheart breathed his last in the true traditions of a Warrior, a Commando, fighting till the End.


Late Major Amit Deswal, notice the SG badge