They may look like normal infantry troops but they can kill you with precision you never expect, you may not listen their name often like para sf but they are serving as the backbone and cold blooded killers of Indian Army know as Ghataks.

Ghataks is the most underrated special force of Indian Army. In this write up I will try to clarify the exact personality of Ghataks. Ghataks which means “Lethal” in English is a small team of the finest men of any battalion choose to serve for special purpose or we can say that Ghatak is the special force of every battalion, the ghatak unit consist 20 men that’s why it is called “Ghatak Platoon”. Ghataks are oftenly compared with STA platoon of Unite States Marine corps which is a totally wrong comparison, Ghataks are those well trained troops which represent the superiority of regiment and deliver the strongest punch to the enemies though they can be compared with patrol platoon with British Army cause they are expert in patrolling in hostile areas.32

Ghatak is a very disciplined and well organized team due to their excellent training they can do work of many soldiers, they are commanded by a captain and 2 NCO

Ghatak Platoon consist the best men of the battalion who are selected through a pre decided selection process and only the most fit soldiers are selected for special several special courses but their first RAGDA (which means training in Indian Army terms) started in Commando Training School based at Belgaum, Karnataka in which they learn the special skills developed and  also adopted by Indian Army by their experience in different wars and operations. In this school Ghataks get specialized degree of training in heliborne assault, rock climbing, mountain warfare, demolitions, advanced weapons training, close quarter battle and infantry tactics which make them a tough and skill wise a more deadly force to deal with however they are not trained in parachute based skills because for that Indian Army has a different regiment who have Indian Para Commandos,

After completing the course in Belgaum members of the unit attend to more courses 1 in HAWS which is Indian Army’s premier establishment for High Altitude Warfare School and also known as one of the best of its kind in the world soldiers of many countries attend training at HAWS. Ghataks are trained to carry out special missions in almost every environment but the most challenging terrain is jungle so Ghataks head towards one of the most prestigious school around the world situated near a tiny village , CIJWS or Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School. CIJWS trained operatives to handle every possible scenario in jungle and make them ultimate guerrilla fighters.

Along with top notch training they got some badass weapon system and tactical gears, Ghataks got M4A1, AK series and Tavor-21 as their standard assault riffles, Sniper teams have Draganov SVD and Hk MSG90, they also have NVG’s and Thermal Imaging equipment’s and other stuff is taken according to the mission requirement and Government of India is equipping them with better body armor and AMR’s.13769521_2071317703093766_8924970802562701612_n

It is said that any force can better demonstrate its capabilities only through the performance in any war or in any uncontrolled environment, so they have an excellent service record ready on their other hand. Indian  Army don’t put its nose in the matter which is not associated with India that’s why Ghataks have limited service record around the globe, they have served in some of the handful places around the world but they have served with distinction, primarily Ghataks are highly active in J&K area of India which is affected by insurgents and militant activity, recent encounters have proved that militants coming from other side of border are now very well trained and equipped hence its getting difficult to counter them for army, militants were spotted practicing tactics which is generally used by special forces and the signs are clear that neighbor SF is training them but beside Para SF, Ghataks have the credit of honour for huge amount unsuccessful infiltration attempts in the deep forest of the border area of India and Pakistan cause these guys have not only impressed the elite special forces working in the areas by their skills of setting up of ambush but they have done numerous covert operations which 100% accuracy. Ghataks is a special forces most of the people aren’t aware of it, they may be not aware of their capabilities and their badassness in the valley but the olive greens as well as all men in uniform know what they are that’s why they respect them. The true unsung heroes.

Jai Hind