Indian Parachute Regiment is one of the most prestigious regiment around the world, every Indian defence aspirant and serving member wish to join the regiment and wear the iconic maroon beret, but its not easy to earn the prestigious tittle of “Airborne Soldier” which is the synonym of badassness in the world.

Indian Parachute Regiment have the largest portion of special force of India in its fold they are known as Indian Para Special forcesPara_Commandos, Indian Para Speical forces or Para SF is the gang of those crack operative who always raise the hand to do the impossible for India, they are one of the most battle hardened and insanely well trained operatives who are distinguished not only by their skills and training but one more thing and that is the Balidan Badge. Balidan Badge needs no introduction, it’s the same insignia British SAS use on their berets, it’s a world known sign and whenever the enemy see someone with that sign coming towards him either he reside the last prayer to the god or they run like hell cause its stupidity to fight them and if you did they will kill you and not only kill you but after that they will crack jokes on your dead bodies and sing weird songs.


The first step to join Indian Para Special forces is joining the army, you cant apply for para sf directly without joining the army cause parachute regiment is not an independent organisation it is the part of Indian Army hence you should be in army to apply for Parachute Regiment recruitment. After joining the army you have to apply for The Parachute regiment whenever the notification of recruitment came to your regiment, you can have constant update on the notification through your CO or directly from regiment headquarter, the recruitment notification came out 2 times in a year the dates though the date are not certain, in the first phase those who wanted to go for special forces course have to pass a test which includes 4.8kms of Running with 3 kgs of weight and you have to complete the run in 15 minute otherwise better luck next time, after you completed the running you have to clear an obstacle course of around 1km which will test your physical and mental fitness to the limit and that’s not end here after the course a soldier should be capable of crawling 800 meters in the mud that seems pretty tough cause its para sf bitch !!


After this get ready for the days which you will surely call the worst as hell days of you life cause if you cleared the test conducted in regiments than you are going for probation period, here the rejection rate is about 80% and the best thing about it that they wont reject you but you will quit by your own these 180 days of your life will decide your future identity by testing your physical and mental strength to new limits the instructors will humiliate you, toruture you but they will never demotivate you and never let you fall behind, at first you will hate them but in the last the respect you will have for them is priceless and beyond explaination.IMG-20160803-WA0031

Clear the probation and become the one who deserve to wear a balidan badge..

Jai Hind