Pawan Kumar a Haryanvi boy, born on army day had Army in his destiny, he was passionate for armed forces since his childhood and it was his dream to join Indian Army, in the pursuit of his dreams he finally reached to the gates of one of the most iconic and famous institute of the nation, The NDA. He graduated from 123 course of NDA and commissioned in the army on 14 December 2013, he was quite passionate to serve the country. His father commented that “He was destined to be in the Army as he was born on Army Day”.

Pawan who speak less but have a great sense of humour, the young officer is quite famous among the battalion and even in the whole 15 corps because of his crack mind, its pretty normal in para special forces but his crackness has a different level. Pawan was a sincere follower of the army tradition of never leave the men behind, he always charge the enemy from the front and was well known for the unique tactics he use, but since few days bad luck was following him on the every corner. Captain pawan who participated in the encounter broke out 2 days before the pampore attacks in pulwama got a minor fracture in his jaw during the encounter but he continued the fight and army eliminated 2 terrorist in that encounter.

Pampore attacks started when militants killed two C.R.P.F bravehearts and sneaked into J&K Entrepreneurship Development Institute which is a quite huge building though militants routed employees to the exit and sealed the building still army had doubt of presence of civilians in the building, in few minutes officer present on ground zero understood that this is beyond their capabilities hence they decided to call special forces, the nearest unit is 10 para sf they were called in to handle the situation while coming to the encounter site gypsy of captain pawan lost traction on the road and skit into a small canal, the young officer reacted instantly and jumped out of the gypsy grabbed its front chassis and pushed the vehicle out of the canal, his teammates had no surprise because they were aware about his power. After getting the gypsy on the road his team reached the encounter site at late evening its almost dark, the CO briefed the team and ordered to carry out the operation in night, the boys were readying themselves for the raid, when they were ready CO briefed them again and RR started firing to cover the team of 12-13 operatives, in next 2-3 minutes the team was in the building  they were armed to teeth with pretty descent tech support equipped with Nigh Vision Goggles, Night Vision Sights and tac lights. Paras were fully prepared for any situation they were doing lightning room interventions and getting hostages to safety they have cleared a lot of places.

Than captain and his team reached to a room which seems pretty normal, but they were unknown about a militant hiding in a very good position in that room its one of the most common tactic of para sf that they fire on every possible hiding location of any room so that if there is any threat hiding in those locations it can be neutralize, the team followed the tactic and captain pawan was ready with his team for the intervention while the second team was giving them support fire pawan who had M4A1 carbine with PNVG sight and Surfire tactical flashlight + he has NVG on his head almost all operators have same gears, pawan enter the room but here his bad luck again created problem for him though it was the last problem he suffered, by the time pawan entered the room a militant hiding beside a Almira on the extreme left of the gate fired a burst from his AK and pawan got hit by the bullet on the left side of his underarms pawan had a level 3 BPJ but all those gears and equipment didn’t saved his life, he got hit on the place where there was no protection, the bullet enter from left and leave from right side of his chest, he made a very little noise and the team mates eliminated the militants in seconds pawan was seriously injured and extracted in minutes he got temporary first aid but immediately dispatched for MH for further treatment the mad guy fought with the deat till his last breath but didn’t make it, Captain Pawan Kumar the funniest friend, brilliant officer and one of the gem of Indian Para SF took his last breathe on the gate of MH and leave the whole fraternity of the bravehearts in the sorrow of loosing one of the finest men Indian Army ever had, he continued the tradition of bravery of the Indian Army as well as his community of the Jats, I am not aware of the nation but some men in maroon cried for him, if you can bring tears in the eyes of these tough people you must be someone really precious.capt-pawan-kumar.jpg.image.975.568


Captain Pawan, your deeds will be immortal, your name will be immortal, your martyrdom will motivate thousands other, we will have thousand of Pawan Kumar but the enemies will always be killed just like you wanted everytime “Headshot BC”. The scorpions miss you, your dad miss you and those coldblooded patriots miss you everytime.