C.R.P.F personnel

Location : A jungle camp of CRPF in Chhattisgarh

Date : Classified

It was a time of morning in the camp everyone is chilling and following the daily routine, taking tea and breakfast in the camp of CRPF somewhere in Chhattisgarh and nobody is aware about what will happen in next 30 minutes due to no watch towers and guard arrangement in the camp nobody can see incoming threat until it came too close and this morning will be the darkest morning in the history of CRPF, Naxals who are planning to ambush this camp since a long time start taking positions near camp in the forest silently CRPF is not at all aware about what is happening around them suddenly heavily armed naxals equipped with Fn-FAL’s and AK-56 ambush the camp, in minutes the camp become the graveyard of 76 soldiers naxals were searching and killing the jawan, a patrolling party returning from a routine patrol heard the sound of firing and rushed towards the camp they are seeing about 30-40 naxals firing continuously on the camp, the patrolling party take position silently and open with fire on naxals and instantly gun downed 4 naxals, naxals think reinforcement has arrived so they again ran back into the deep forest, when the patrollers entered the camp there was blood of their brothers everywhere those who having tea are laying unconscious on the ground whose soil turned red, Mother India has lost her 76 brave sons in one of the most deadly attack happen in the history of India, after few minutes of complete silence those who survived are coming out from their hideouts among those who survive some are cobras and some are CRPF policemen.


After this massacre of their brothers in front of their eyes they decided to revenge, only one thing was in the mind “Revenge” they were just 11 left in the camp without wasting time they grab the ammo more than food to eat and gear up for the operation which will be one of the most legendary action taken by CRPF. The DYSP take the remaining men and made a team who started the counter attack with only one strategy in mind “Seek and destroy” they didn’t go for any supplementary plan, any support and this time the god is also with them, radio start chattering, there is an intelligence input about a temporary camp of naxalites having near the team, its time to cock the guns and crack the skulls the team reach the camp in meantime and established a very tight cordon around the camp every operative is covering  the entry and exits of the camp, few goes in and pulled the trigger killed all naxalites in minutes it was small tribute to the martyrs by dispatching 28 in first blow they didn’t stop here, in 5 months they killed 300 naxalites as a result the cowards start surrendering in the fear of getting killed by “The Ghosts”

They are known as ghosts in CRPF cause still nobody who are they, and how did they did it.

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