It was a normal night patrolling, 2nd para sf operatives were patrolling in dense forest of Lolab valley, Headquarters have eye on them from sky after some kilometres HQ observed heat signature deep inside woods, on the very next second para sf operatives start preparing for assault its midnight in the very dense forest there was zero visibility, boys were readying themselves and waiting for the final confirmation, the HQ replied with green the predators start surrounding their preys, point man confirms militant identity HQ recheck the position of any possible friendly force in the area, it’s a negative all set for party..


Point man open fire and from everywhere militants are getting drilled by the Indian Maroons, the firing continues for 3 minutes until the whole team drained rounds which equal to 5 magazines approximately  on the poor jihadis, after the party when they count the kills its 11 militants and 2nd para sf listed another milestone in their history..599415_648725405154299_967124167_n


Interesting fact about 2nd para sf – This unit haven’t lost a single operative since 2 year even when they are part of operations in the valley their number in hundreds, showing extreme professionalism and maintain the tradition of “Be elite, Act elite” of the Para Special Forces.